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Distance 40 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 1.45 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 2.15 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Liverpool, 20 miles Bringelly
ADAMS Edward splitter Luddenham Bringelly
AHEARN Patrick blacksmith Luddenham Bringelly
ANOCHAN F. J. winegrower Luddenham Bringelly
ANOCHAN Franz bootmaker Luddenham Bringelly
ANOCHAN John coachman Maryland Bringelly
ANOCHAN Joseph blacksmith Luddenham Bringelly
ANDERSON Mrs. Christina farmer Luddenham Bringelly
ASHBY William splitter Luddenham Bringelly
ASHTON Thomas  teacher Kemp Ck. Bringelly
AULD Henry farmer Shankamore Bringelly
BALDWIN James farmer Greendale Bringelly
BALDWIN John farmer Greendale Bringelly
BALL James farmer Bellfield Bringelly
BARKER Thomas  -- Maryland Bringelly
BEARDOW C. H. teacher Luddenham Bringelly
BELL Robert farmer Bellfield Bringelly
BRAITHWAITE Edward jun. farmer --- Bringelly
BRAITHWAITE Ed. sen. bootmaker Ruth Vale Bringelly
BRAITHWAITE Henry wheelwright Ruth Vale Bringelly
BYRNES James farmer Kemp Ck. Bringelly
BYRNES John farmer Mount Vernon Bringelly
BYRNES Michael farmer Kemp Ck. Bringelly
BYRNES Thomas farmer Cecil Hills Bringelly
CAMPBELL James labourer Luddenham Bringelly
CARROLL Mrs. Maria farmer Greendale Bringelly
COGGINS James labourer --- Bringelly
CONLON John J. farmer Bellevue Bringelly
CURRY James farmer Glenville Bringelly
DOLLAGHAN Hugh farmer Shankamore Bringelly
DORAHY Patrick farmer Greendale Bringelly
DORAHY Wm jun. butcher Luddenham Bringelly
DORAHY William sen. farmer Greendale Bringelly
DOYLE James farmer --- Bringelly
DUNGAN Mrs. Johannah  grazier Greendale Bringelly
DWYER Thomas  labourer Maryland Bringelly
EARLAM Isaac farmer Luddenham Bringelly
EATON George jun. farmer Luddenham Bringelly
EATON George sen. farmer Luddenham Bringelly
EVANS Martin labourer Luddenham Bringelly
FISHER Edward farmer --- Bringelly
FITZGERALD John farmer Greendale Bringelly
FLETCHER John K. farmer Greendale Bringelly
FREEBURN Charles splitter Luddenham Bringelly
FURY Mrs. Elizabeth farmer Greendale Bringelly
GAME Thomas farmer --- Bringelly
GLEDDEN Charles sawyer Luddenham Bringelly
GLYDE Samuel labourer Bellfield Bringelly
GOURD Samuel mason Maryland Bringelly
GRAHAM James farmer Greendale Bringelly
GREENACRE George labourer Vermont Bringelly
GRIGG Henry farmer Greendale Bringelly
HARRIS John farmer Luddenham Bringelly
HARRISON Charles H. bootmaker Greendale Bringelly
HARRISON Richard C. bootmaker Greendale Bringelly
HAYES Joseph farmer Luddenham Bringelly
HAYNES James farmer Stoney Range Bringelly
HENDERSON Thomas farmer Luddenham Bringelly
HIBBS Thomas farmer Greendale Bringelly
HIGGINS John farmer Shankamore Bringelly
HIGGINS Paul farmer Shankamore Bringelly
HOGAN Michael farmer Greendale Bringelly
HOGAN Patrick farmer Greendale Bringelly
HORSEY Frank farmer Retreat Bringelly
HOWLETT Edward labourer Stoney Range Bringelly
HOWLETT James farmer Luddenham Bringelly
HOWLETT William farmer Greendale Bringelly
IVERS John farmer --- Bringelly
JENNINGS John jun. splitter Greendale Bringelly
JENNINGS John sen. farmer Greendale Bringelly
KLUM Francis vine dresser Maryland Bringelly
KNEEVES Richard labourer Rose Vale Bringelly
LATTY Robert farmer Shankamore Bringelly
LAWSON John innkeeper Luddenham Bringelly
LIDDINGTON Arthur J. --- Witton Park Bringelly
LONGLEY James jun. nursery Orange Hill Bringelly
LONGLEY James sen. nursery Orange Hill Bringelly
LONGLEY William nursery Orange Hill Bringelly
LOVETT John storekeeper Greendale Bringelly
LOWE Henry R. --- Birling Bringelly
LOWE Joseph W. --- Newstead Bringelly
MAHONEY Henry splitter Luddenham Bringelly
MARLOW Mrs. farmer Cooloo Bringelly
MAYNE John C. --- Greendale Bringelly
MEALE George farmer Hall's Clear Ground Bringelly
MILLER John J. teacher Cobramatta Bringelly
MOOREHEAD Arthur farmer Greendale Bringelly
MORRISON George farmer --- Bringelly
MOULDER William grazier Greendale Bringelly
MULHALL Captain William --- Luddenham Bringelly
MURPHY Denis labourer --- Bringelly
MYALLS Charles farmer Eastwood Bringelly
MCGARITY Andrew sen. farmer Luddenham Bringelly
MCGHEE Thomas farmer Luddenham Bringelly
MCGREGOR William farmer --- Bringelly
MCKANGHAN Charles farmer --- Bringelly
NEIL William blacksmith --- Bringelly
NEIS Peter vine dresser Maryland Bringelly
NORTHROPE Thomas farmer Greendale Bringelly
O'BRIEN Mrs. Catherine  farmer --- Bringelly
PEACHEY Edward  farmer --- Bringelly
PEARCE William J. --- Retreat Bringelly
PECK James labourer Catherine Fields Bringelly
PEMELL Samuel farmer --- Bringelly
RAYNOR William farmer Greendale Bringelly
SALES John farmer Shankamore Bringelly
SALES William farmer Shankamore Bringelly
SIMPSON Joseph farmer Vermont Bringelly
SIMPSON Mrs. Jane farmer Summer Hill Bringelly
SKINNER George farmer Greendale Bringelly
SULLIVAN Murtogh farmer --- Bringelly
TAYLOR John farmer Shankamore Bringelly
TAYLOR John E. farmer Shankamore Bringelly
TAYLOR Robert farmer Luddenham Bringelly
TEDDIMAN Mrs. farmer Greendale Bringelly
VENTERS George farmer Luddenham Bringelly
VICARY Robert farmer Maryland Bringelly
WAGNER Peter farmer Peter's Hill Bringelly
WAKELING Benjamin farmer Greendale Bringelly
WATERS Thomas labourer Luddenham Bringelly
WAYMAN Henry farmer Luddenham Bringelly
WEST Jonathan farmer Greendale Bringelly
WEST James farmer Greendale Bringelly
WILLIAMS Henry farmer Woodborough Bringelly
WILLMINGTON John farmer Northwood Bringelly
WILSON Andrew farmer Shankamore Bringelly
WILSON George farmer Greendale Bringelly
YOUNG Robert gardener Maryland Bringelly

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here