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What this is, who compiled it and how it can help you find your ancestry.

Grevilles Official Post Office Directory of New South Wales

Containing the names, residences, and occupations of the inhabitants of the
Post Towns of the Colony.

Arranged locally and alphabetically


Compiled by Authority

Greville & Company, Publishers
Sydney, Melbourne, and Wellington, N.Z.

Compiled by F. Cunningham & Co., 186 Pitt Street, Sydney.

Dedicated by Permission to the Honorable Joseph Docker, Esq., M.L.C.,

To whose courtesy and aid the compilers of this work are indebted for much
valuable information.


In presenting to the public Grevilles Official Post Office Directory, the
publishers believe that the work will be found as perfect as it is possible a
book of reference of this kind can be made. The greatest amount of care has
been taken in its production; and although errors will of course be found
within its pages, the publishers trust that they will not be numerous, as no
labour or expense has been spared to make this Directory equal to anything of
the sort that has hitherto been submitted to the public.

One of the objects of the Publishers has been to make Grevilles Official Post
Office Directory a necessary work of reference to all classes of the
community; and, as the Publishers intend to continue the work from time to
time, they confidently look to the public for encouragement.

The Publishers have avoided including in this Directory the City and Suburbs of
Sydney, as the work issued yearly for several years past by Mr. John Sands is
all that can be wished for; and the Publishers venture to hope that the two
Directories will be found side by side on every desk and official table in the

The present work comprises the whole of the Post Towns of the Colony of New
South Wales, arranged alphabetically, with their distances from Sydney, and the
names, addresses, and occupations of inhabitants.

In concluding this brief preface, the Publishers desire to convey their thanks
to S. H. Lambton, Esq., and the various officers of the Post Office Department,
for the courtesy they have at all times extended to the Compilers, and for the
promptitude with which they have rendered assistance in the collection of the
information necessary to the completion of Grevilles Official Post Office

Special Thanks to Kathy Pearson for her time in transcribing and distributing these documents

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here