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Distance 110 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 8.56 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 8.10 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Branxton.
ADLER Nicholas gardener Dalwood Branxton
ANDERSON Thomas farmer McDonald's Flat Branxton
ANDERSON T. jun. farmer Glenmore Branxton
ASIMUS John gardener Dalwood Branxton
ATKINS John bricklayer --- Branxton
BAKER William miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
BALENTYNE George farmer Mitchell's Flat Branxton
BARBER China miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
BARBER John miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
BARKER Joseph farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
BARR Peter baker --- Branxton
BAYLIS John stockman --- Branxton
BAYLIS Julia farmer --- Branxton
BECERNI Joseph storekeeper --- Branxton
BECKETT James farmer Lamb's Valley Branxton
BEH Frederick gardener Dalwood Branxton
BENDEICH Carl farmer Stanhope Branxton
BLICK Elizabeth farmer Belmount Branxton
BLICK Francis blacksmith Anvil Ck. Branxton
BOURKE Elizabeth teacher --- Branxton
BOYCE John farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
BRAYSHAW Henry blacksmith --- Branxton
BREECHMAN Thomas farmer First Ck. Branxton
BROWN James settler --- Branxton
BROWN William miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
BRUNNER John gardener --- Branxton
BURGESS George farmer Lamb's Ck. Branxton
CAHILL James settler --- Branxton
CAMPBELL George farmer Daisy Hill Branxton
CAMPBELL Roderick farmer Dalwood Branxton
CARNEY Mary storekeeper --- Branxton
CARTER Matthew drover Anvil Ck. Branxton
CARTER Matthew jun. drover Anvil Ck. Branxton
CASEY Thomas carrier Glendon Brook Branxton
CHAMBERS Thomas engine driver Anvil Ck. Branxton
CHICK George farmer Second Ck. Branxton
CHICK James farmer First Ck. Branxton
COALDRAKE Thomas settler --- Branxton
COLGAN Patrick porter --- Branxton
CONNOR Bartholomew farmer --- Branxton
COOK Alexander fencer Old Line Branxton
COURTE Henry blacksmith Anvil Ck. Branxton
COX Mary Ann agent --- Branxton
COX William farmer Elderslee Branxton
CRANE George farmer Old Line Branxton
CRANE John farmer Old Line Branxton
DAILY Ann farmer --- Branxton
DAISY John farmer Stanhope Branxton
DAN George storekeeper Dalwood Branxton
DAN Horace farmer Dalwood Branxton
DANSEY Richard miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
DAVORIN Patrick carter Dalwood Branxton
DILLON John O. farmer Elderslee Branxton
DONOHOE John farmer Elderslee Branxton
DOOLAN Margaret farmer Old Line Branxton
DOUD Darby farmer Radfordslee Branxton
DOYLE John farmer Radfordslee Branxton
DOYLE Julia farmer Radfordslee Branxton
DOYLE Thomas farmer Radfordslee Branxton
DRATON Joseph farmer Mount Wills Branxton
DRINAN John farmer Lamb's Valley Branxton
DRINAN Thomas innkeeper --- Branxton
DRUMMOND George miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
DUNNE James farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
ELLIOTT James farmer Radfordslee Branxton
ELLIS William blacksmith --- Branxton
ENRIGHT Joseph farmer Old Line Branxton
ENRIGHT Michael farmer Old Line Branxton
FARNHAM William farmer Radfordslee Branxton
FARTHING William proprietor, Coal Mines Anvil Ck. Branxton
FOGARTY Mary farmer Radfordslee Branxton
FOULS Joab farmer Stanhope Branxton
FRANK John cooper --- Branxton
FROST Thomas miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
GARBET Daniel miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
GIBBS Thomas splitter --- Branxton
GILLERTY William tollkeeper --- Branxton
GOLLAN Thomas carrier Glendon Brook Branxton
GOODWIN Alfred farmer Stanford Branxton
GOODWIN William gardener --- Branxton
GORDON Peter bootmaker --- Branxton
GREEN George miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
GRIMES Andrew miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
GURR Henry carrier Stanhope Branxton
HABOUR Paul farmer Old Line Branxton
HALL George farmer Glenmore Branxton
HARMER Thomas sawyer --- Branxton
HARRIGAN John farmer Stanhope Branxton
HARRIGAN John bootmaker --- Branxton
HARROP Joseph settler --- Branxton
HASSETT James carrier Cockpit Branxton
HASSETT John farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
HAYES Ann charwoman --- Branxton
HICKEY John carpenter Anvil Ck. Branxton
HODGES George miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
HODGES Mark miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
HOGAN Francis bootmaker --- Branxton
HOGAN Mary nurse --- Branxton
HOGAN Michael farmer --- Branxton
HOLDEN William farmer Anvil Ck. Branxton
HORDER Thomas miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
HORDER William miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
HUGHES Charles poundkeeper --- Branxton
HUGHES Henry contractor --- Branxton
HUGHES John carrier --- Branxton
HUGHES William contractor --- Branxton
HUNGERFORD James B. farmer Belmount Branxton
HUNGERFORD Mary farmer First Ck. Branxton
JACOBS John farmer Elderslee Branxton
JENNETT John gardener --- Branxton
JERDON John farmer Head of Kelly's Brush Branxton
JONES Frederick carrier Glendon Brook Branxton
JONES James shepherd Rothbury Branxton
JONES John carpenter --- Branxton
JOSS Alfred bushman Glenmore Branxton
KANAGH James farmer --- Branxton
KEEN William storekeeper --- Branxton
KELMAN Catherine vine grower Kirkton Branxton
KENNY James farmer Mount Wills Branxton
KENNY Lawrence teacher Mount Wills Branxton
KENNY Michael farmer Mount Wills Branxton
KEYS Patrick farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
KHOLER John gardener Dalwood Branxton
KIAN Frank gardener Dalwood Branxton
LADAMS Benjamin gatekeeper Dalwood Branxton
LAMKINS Charles farmer First Ck. Branxton
LANAHAM George bootmaker --- Branxton
LINDSAY M. miller --- Branxton
MALONEY Thomas farmer Cock Pit Branxton
MATTHEWS William farmer Mount Wills Branxton
MILLER Frederick cooper Dalwood Branxton
MOONEY Patrick carrier Stanhope Branxton
MOORE Matthew farmer Elderslee Branxton
MOOREY John farmer Elderslee Branxton
MORAN Patrick farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
MOSS George storekeeper --- Branxton
MUNGUMERY Hugh miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
MURPHY Timothy farmer Radfordslee Branxton
MCCHRON John farmer Black Bridge Branxton
MCDONALD George farmer Glenmore Branxton
MCDONALD Hugh farmer Elderslee Branxton
MCDONALD Owen farmer Brinkburn Branxton
MCDONALD Patrick miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
MCDONALD Timothy carrier Old Line Branxton
MCMULLEN William farmer Radfordslee Branxton
MCNAMARA Catherine farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
MCNAMARA John farmer Irish Town Branxton
MCNAMARA Michael farmer Irish Town Branxton
NIXON Adam dealer --- Branxton
O'BRIEN John farmer Elderslee Branxton
O'BRIEN William drayman Dalwood Branxton
O'DONALD Daniel miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
O'DONALD Patrick miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
O'NEIL Arthur carrier Stanhope Branxton
O'NEIL Thomas carrier Stanhope Branxton
ORMAN Clark carrier --- Branxton
PARKINS James carrier Stanhope Branxton
PARSONS Godfrey butcher Anvil Ck. Branxton
PATTON John farmer Old Line Branxton
PECK Andrew farmer Lamb's Valley Branxton
PENDER James miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
PETERS Edward carrier Glendon Brook Branxton
PETERSON Peter carter Dalwood Branxton
PHALER Denis farmer --- Branxton
PRITCHARD Robert carrier --- Branxton
PUTTER Mark farmer --- Branxton
PYNE John wheelwright --- Branxton
RADNIDGE John farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
RAE Charlotte postmistress --- Branxton
RAFTER James farmer --- Branxton
RAISBACK Thomas farmer --- Branxton
REED George farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
REED John carpenter --- Branxton
REEVES John farmer Harper's Hill Branxton
REILLY Matthew drayman Dalwood Branxton
RENOLDS Martin farmer Stanhope Branxton
RICE Bartholomew carrier Radfordslee Branxton
ROCKLIFF Laurence teacher --- Branxton
RUDD George farmer --- Branxton
RUDD James farmer --- Branxton
RUSSELL Alexander storekeeper --- Branxton
RUSSELL James agent Dalwood Branxton
RUSSELL John carpenter Dalwood Branxton
RYAN Mary farmer Stanhope Branxton
SCULLY William constable --- Branxton
SHADDOCK Ambrose farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
SHARP Richard miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
SHEEAN Jeremiah farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
SHEPHERD William innkeeper --- Branxton
SHUBE Anthony farmer Glendon Brook Branxton
SIMPSON Henry miller --- Branxton
SKINNER Daniel farmer Elderslee Branxton
SLATTERY Daniel farmer --- Branxton
SMITH Hamilton farmer --- Branxton
SPARKE Edward farmer Elderslee Branxton
STEWARD James farmer Mount Wills Branxton
STUCKY Robert farmer Mount Wills Branxton
SWEENEY John carrier --- Branxton
TAYLOR Alexander farmer Tangoran Branxton
TERRY John stationmaster --- Branxton
THORNTON Edward blacksmith --- Branxton
THRIFT James farmer Elderslee Branxton
THRIFT John farmer Stanford Branxton
THRIFT Richard farmer Kirkton Branxton
THRIFT Samuel farmer Elderslee Branxton
THRIFT Thomas farmer Elderslee Branxton
TIERNEY Patrick farmer Elderslee Branxton
TOOSE James farmer Radfordslee Branxton
TOWIL David wheelwright --- Branxton
TRIGG Robert gardener --- Branxton
TUCKER James farmer Belford Branxton
TULIP Andrew miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
TULLOCH James A. storekeeper --- Branxton
TUTT James farmer Radfordslee Branxton
VILES Charles miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
WAKE William carrier Glendon Brook Branxton
WALL Bridget storekeeper --- Branxton
WALL Edward carrier Glendon Brook Branxton
WATSON William farmer Mitchell's Flat Branxton
WELSH William carrier Radfordslee Branxton
WEST George miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
WEST John miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
WEST William miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
WETHERHEAD Robert carrier Glendon Brook Branxton
WETHERS John carrier Old Line Branxton
WILLS Thomas carrier Mount Wills Branxton
WILSON Isabella farmer --- Branxton
WOODHOUSE John farmer Woodville Branxton
WRIGHT George miner Anvil Ck. Branxton
WRIGHT William farmer Glenmore Branxton
YEO James carrier Stanhope Branxton

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here