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Distance 89 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8.30 a.m. and daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 1.15 p.m. and daily (Sunday excepted) 9.11 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 3.11 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Bowrall.
ALCORN William farmer --- Bowrall
ANDERSON Edward teacher Upper Mittagong Bowrall
BALL James W. teacher East Kangaloon Bowrall
BEER Mrs. E. householder Mount Gibraltar Bowrall
BRAGG John H. farmer Bong Bong Bowrall
BRENNAN James farmer Upper Mittagong Bowrall
BRENNAN William farmer Upper Mittagong Bowrall
BULL James settler --- Bowrall
BURRETT William tanner --- Bowrall
CAMPBELL John carpenter --- Bowrall
CHAPMAN James tanner --- Bowrall
CHARKER William butcher --- Bowrall
CLAPHAM Mrs. C. householder --- Bowrall
COLE John R. settler Cherry Bank Bowrall
COLE Joseph farmer Upper Mittagong Bowrall
DEIGAN J. postmaster --- Bowrall
DENNY George boarding house Burradoo Bowrall
DORROUGH James farmer --- Bowrall
DUPREZ Alphonse labourer --- Bowrall
EDWARDS Henry W. storekeeper --- Bowrall
FLINT Joseph farmer Bong Bong Bowrall
FROST John farmer --- Bowrall
FURNER George farmer Upper Mittagong Bowrall
GATES George bootmaker --- Bowrall
GLEESON William innkeeper --- Bowrall
GRIFFIN James farmer Mittagong Bowrall
GRIFFITHS John farmer Upper Mittagong Bowrall
GROVES Charles plasterer --- Bowrall
HARRISON David storekeeper --- Bowrall
HORTON Jacob Line inspector --- Bowrall
IRVING Mrs. William householder --- Bowrall
JOHNSTON Andrew farmer Kangaloon Bowrall
JOHNSTON Gerard farmer Kangaloon Bowrall
JOHNSTON Hugh farmer East Kangaloon Bowrall
JOHNSTON James farmer East Kangaloon Bowrall
JOHNSTON William farmer East Kangaloon Bowrall
KNIGHT John ganger, railway --- Bowrall
LIVINGSTONE Wm. boarding house Burradoo Bowrall
LOSEBY Charles settler Bong Bong Bowrall
LOSEBY Joseph farmer Bong Bong Bowrall
LOSEBY Thomas grazier Bong Bong Bowrall
MIDDLETON Rev. G. C. E. minister Mount Gibraltar Bowrall
MITCHELL James mason Upper Mittagong Bowrall
MOORE Arthur fettler, railway --- Bowrall
MOORE William fettler, railway --- Bowrall
MCDONALD George farmer Mittagong Bowrall
MCDONALD Samuel farmer Mittagong Bowrall
MCGOVERN James farmer --- Bowrall
MCKENZIE John farmer Bong Bong Bowrall
NEICH Augustus farmer Maryville Bowrall
NEICH Edward C. farmer Mittagong Bowrall
NEICH Jas. E. storekeeper Upper Mittagong Bowrall
NORMAN Robert farmer Upper Mittagong Bowrall
OXLEY Mrs. H. M. landholder Wingecarribee House Bowrall
PAIN Henry tanner --- Bowrall
PAINE Thomas labourer --- Bowral
PALFREYMAN J. R. --- Wingecarribee House Bowrall
PARKER John labourer --- Bowrall
PEMBER Henry nursery --- Bowrall
PERKINS James farmer Upper Mittagong Bowrall
PICKLES John farmer Bong Bong Bowrall
PIGGOTT John farmer --- Bowrall
RICE Michael farmer Upper Mittagong Bowrall
RILEY George landholder Upper Mittagong Bowrall
RILEY Joseph farmer Mittagong Bowrall
ROBERTS Richard J. P. Roberton Park Bowrall
ROBINSON David storekeeper --- Bowrall
RUMBLE David farmer Wingecarribee Bowrall
RUMBLE Joshua farmer Wingecarribee Bowrall
SMITH Mrs. Alice --- Bong Bong Bowrall
STONE Henry railway porter --- Bowrall
STONE Richard grazier Bong Bong Bowrall
THORNTON Andrew gardener --- Bowrall
WARD Jacob carpenter --- Bowrall
WARREN James W. teacher --- Bowrall
WHATMAN Henry farmer Upper Mittagong Bowrall
WILLIS Timothy labourer --- Bowrall
WILSON George labourer --- Bowrall
WILSON James storekeeper --- Bowrall
WILSON Thomas butcher --- Bowrall

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here