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Distance 377 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 4 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 6 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, Cobb's coach Bowna.
ALLEN George farmer Eight-mile Ck. Bowna
ALLISON John teacher --- Bowna
ANDERSON --- squatter --- Bowna
BARCLAY George farmer Wagra Bowna
BARLOW William farmer Cumberoona Bowna
BELL James farmer Eight-mile Ck. Bowna
BENNETT John farmer Tabletop Bowna
BERGIN Patrick blacksmith --- Bowna
BRUCE Gordon sheep inspector Talmalmo Bowna
BURLETON Francis farmer --- Bowna
BURLETON William farmer --- Bowna
CARR Charles fencer Tabletop Bowna
CHANT Alfred innkeeper --- Bowna
CHESHIRE William S. farmer Mullingandra Bowna
CHRISP John manager Bungil Station Bowna
COLEMAN George farmer --- Bowna
COLEMAN Henry farmer --- Bowna
COLEMAN John jun. farmer Dora Dora Bowna
COLEMAN John sen. farmer --- Bowna
COLLARD Robert butcher Tabletop Bowna
COLLINS Anthony farmer Dora Dora Bowna
CONNESS John farmer --- Bowna
COUSENS Robert farmer Ournie Bowna
CRIMMENS James farmer Cumberoona Bowna
CROMLIN James boundary rider Talmalmo Bowna
DALY John farmer Mullingandra Bowna
DALY Owen farmer Mullingandra Bowna
DALY Patrick farmer Mullingandra Bowna
DAWSON Charles farmer Dickson's Swamp Bowna
DAWSON Donald farmer Dickson's Swamp Bowna
DENNISON James farmer Dickson's Swamp Bowna
DIVINE Edward farmer --- Bowna
DIVINE Nicholas farmer --- Bowna
DIVINE Patrick farmer --- Bowna
DOOLAN James farmer Newtown Bowna
DOOLAN Thomas farmer --- Bowna
DOVER William fencer Tabletop Bowna
EDWARDS Joseph farmer Tabletop Bowna
ELMSLIE Alexander squatter Glenkiss Bowna
ELMSLIE George selector Dora Dora Bowna
ELPHICK Francis farmer Wagra Bowna
FARLOW Henry farmer --- Bowna
FINLAY C. E. squatter Talgarno Bowna
FITZELL Peter farmer Tabletop Bowna
GAIN George farmer Wagra Bowna
GARBRAITH John farmer Mullingandra Bowna
GA Tin storekeeper Jingillie Bowna
GIBSON Andrew farmer --- Bowna
GIBSON Hugh farmer --- Bowna
GILL George farmer Tabletop Bowna
GILL William farmer Mullingandra Bowna
GOODFELLOW William farmer --- Bowna
GOUGH Thomas fencer Cumberoona Bowna
GRACIE William farmer Cumberoona Bowna
HAMILTON David farmer Mullingandra Bowna
HAMILTON Joseph farmer Mullingandra Bowna
HAMILTON Robert farmer Mullingandra Bowna
HARDY Samuel farmer Mullingandra Bowna
HARRINGTON John farmer Mountain Ck.  Bowna
HARRISON George farmer Commissioner's Ck. Bowna
HATCH John farmer Mullingandra Bowna
HAYDEN Henry teacher Mullingandra Bowna
HEAD Edward farmer Mullingandra Bowna
HIBBERSON Joseph farmer --- Bowna
HIGGINS Archibald farmer Mullingandra Bowna
HILEY Henry M. farmer Mullingandra Bowna
HILL Edward farmer Tabletop Bowna
HINES Patrick farmer --- Bowna
HORE Andrew squatter Mugmugwee Bowna
HORE Charles farmer Dora Dora Bowna
HORE John squatter Cumberoona Bowna
HORE Thomas farmer Cumberoona Bowna
HORE William farmer Dora Dora Bowna
HUON Lewis farmer Tabletop Bowna
JACKSON James labourer Wagra Bowna
JACKSON William farmer Wagra Bowna
JAMES Robert farmer Dickson's Swamp Bowna
JEFFCOTT Edward farmer Wagra Bowna
JENNINGS John farmer --- Bowna
JOYNSON William blacksmith Wagra Bowna
KENNEDY George boundary rider Wagra Bowna
KENNEDY William farmer Wagra Bowna
KEOGH James farmer --- Bowna
LANAGAN John --- --- Bowna
LANSDALE Samuel farmer Wagra Bowna
LARKINS William bootmaker --- Bowna
LAWSON John blacksmith --- Bowna
LAWSON William blacksmith --- Bowna
MADDEN Patrick innkeeper Womargama Bowna
MATHEWS Charles farmer Mullingandra Bowna
MEEHAN Joseph farmer Cumberoona Bowna
MIDDLETON James storekeeper --- Bowna
MILLSON Joseph innkeeper Eight-mile Bowna
MITCHELL James squatter Tabletop Bowna
MITCHELL Thomas squatter Womargama Bowna
MORRICE Walter farmer Mullingandra Bowna
MULLAVEY Patrick farmer --- Bowna
MULLAVEY Peter farmer --- Bowna
MCBRIEN John farmer --- Bowna
MCBRIEN Patrick farmer --- Bowna
MCDONALD Alexander farmer Tabletop Bowna
MCDONALD Angus farmer Mullingandra Bowna
MCDONALD James farmer Tabletop Bowna
MCDONALD M. boundary rider Marackitt Bowna
MCFAYDEN Henry farmer Tabletop Bowna
MCINNES Donald farmer Wagra Bowna
MCINTYRE Allen farmer Dora Dora Bowna
MCINTYRE John farmer Dora Dora Bowna
MCKENZIE Charles squatter Jingillie Bowna
MCLEOD Donald farmer Dora Dora Bowna
MCLEOD George farmer Talmalmo Bowna
MCMANUS Kate servant Cumberoona Bowna
NICHOLS John storekeeper Womargama Bowna
NICHOLSON Malcolm farmer Womargama Bowna
NYHAM John farmer Dickson's Swamp Bowna
PABST Fred boundary rider Talmalmo Bowna
PANKHURST R. innkeeper Mullingandra Bowna
PARKER Robert farmer Womargama Bowna
PATTERSON Robert farmer Cumberoona Bowna
PEARD John farmer --- Bowna
PEARD St. Hilliars farmer Wagra Bowna
PEARD William farmer Wagra Bowna
PHILLIPS James farmer Commissioner's Flat Bowna
PITTS George farmer Mullingandra Bowna
PITTS William farmer Mullingandra Bowna
PLUNKETT James innkeeper --- Bowna
PORTEOUS Walter farmer Cumberoona Bowna
REID John farmer --- Bowna
RICHARDSON Lewis farmer --- Bowna
RICHARDSON William farmer Wagra Bowna
RIXON John farmer Cumberoona Bowna
ROBINSON James squatter Copabella Bowna
ROSS Alexander farmer Mullingandra Bowna
ROURKE John farmer Dickson's Swamp Bowna
RYAN John farmer Jingillie Bowna
SEYMOUR James farmer Cumberoona Bowna
SEYMOUR Martin farmer Wagra Bowna
SEYMOUR Thomas farmer Cumberoona Bowna
SHERWOOD William saddler Wagra Bowna
SMEATON Richard farmer --- Bowna
SMEDLEY Peter farmer Cumberoona Bowna
SMITHWICK Frederick squatter Jingillie Bowna
SMITHWICK Robert squatter Talmalmo Bowna
STALWORTHY William farmer Georgerie Bowna
STEWART James farmer Mullingandra Bowna
STEWART John farmer Dora Dora Bowna
STORY William farmer Cumberoona Bowna
STRACHAN A. D. farmer The Glen Bowna
STRACHAN Alexander farmer Talmalmo Bowna
STRACHAN Isabella squatter Marackett Bowna
STRACHAN Peter farmer Marackett Bowna
TASKIS David farmer Mullingandra Bowna
TASKIS Richard farmer Mullingandra Bowna
TAYLOR Mrs. farmer --- Bowna
THOMSON Henry poundkeeper Mullingandra Bowna
TUER William carpenter --- Bowna
VAUTIER Joseph manager Dora Dora Bowna
VIGG George farmer Tabletop Bowna
VINCENT Baker innkeeper Wagra Bowna
WAITE Alfred boundary rider Wagra Bowna
WAITE Charles farmer Wagra Bowna
WAITE William blacksmith Cumberoona Bowna
WAITE William farmer Mugmugwee Bowna
WALLACE Alexander farmer --- Bowna
WANKLIN James stockman Ournie Bowna
WARNER James farmer --- Bowna
WARNES August farmer --- Bowna
WELSH James bootmaker Wagra Bowna
WILLIAMS William boundary rider Talmalmo Bowna
WORDSWORTH Charles farmer Dora Dora Bowna

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here