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Distance 100 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 8.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 6 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Bowenfells.
ANDERTON William farmer --- Bowenfells
BARTON William --- Blackman's Gap Bowenfells
BINNING Alexander --- --- Bowenfells
BINNING Robert innkeeper --- Bowenfells
BRIGGS Thomas --- Hassan Walls Bowenfells
BROWN Sydney coachman --- Bowenfells
BURTON Frederick carpenter --- Bowenfells
CAMPBELL Hugh farmer Blaxland Swamp Bowenfells
CAMPBELL John farmer Blaxland Swamp Bowenfells
CAMPBELL Lachlan farmer Blaxland Swamp Bowenfells
CARTER Charles bootmaker --- Bowenfells
CONN Edward contractor --- Bowenfells
CONN Francis contractor --- Bowenfells
CONN Francis farmer --- Bowenfells
CONN James contractor --- Bowenfells
CONN William contractor --- Bowenfells
COOKE Joseph saddler --- Bowenfells
CORDEROY Arthur --- --- Bowenfells
CORDEROY Thomas currier --- Bowenfells
CORDEROY William storekeeper --- Bowenfells
CON Henry labourer --- Bowenfells
COX Thomas carrier --- Bowenfells
CUTTING William labourer --- Bowenfells
DAWSON William labourer --- Bowenfells
DELANEY John carrier --- Bowenfells
DOIG John carpenter --- Bowenfells
EATHER James farmer Blaxland Swamp Bowenfells
FITZGERALD Patrick labourer --- Bowenfells
FORRESTER Thomas labourer --- Bowenfells
GARSED John storekeeper --- Bowenfells
GLENLYONS Alexander farmer Hassan Hills Bowenfells
GLOVER William --- --- Bowenfells
HAYWARD George jun. tanner --- Bowenfells
HAYWARD George sen. tanner --- Bowenfells
HUTCHINSON William mason --- Bowenfells
HUTCHINSON William jun. weaver --- Bowenfells
JONES Alfred cook --- Bowenfells
JONES Isaac carrier --- Bowenfells
LEE George innkeeper --- Bowenfells
LEE Sydney --- --- Bowenfells
MAGNER James carrier --- Bowenfells
MAGNER James squatter --- Bowenfells
MAGNER John farmer --- Bowenfells
MAGNER Patrick farmer --- Bowenfells
MARTIN David farmer --- Bowenfells
MARTIN Margaret storekeeper --- Bowenfells
MITCHELL William --- --- Bowenfells
MURDICK Richard carrier --- Bowenfells
MCANDREW Samuel sexton --- Bowenfells
MCDERMOTT Henry carrier --- Bowenfells
MCDERMOTT Peter limeburner --- Bowenfells
MCDONALD Neil farmer Blaxland Swamp Bowenfells
MCGRATH John carrier --- Bowenfells
MCHARTHUR Hector farmer --- Bowenfells
MCKENZIE John carrier --- Bowenfells
MCKENZIE Martin labourer --- Bowenfells
MCKENZIE Michael farmer --- Bowenfells
MCKENZIE Patrick farmer --- Bowenfells
MCKINNON Jessie --- --- Bowenfells
MCKINNON Margaret --- --- Bowenfells
NOON Edward labourer --- Bowenfells
NOON Timothy --- --- Bowenfells
ORCHARD Charles carrier --- Bowenfells
ORCHARD John carrier --- Bowenfells
ORCHARD Robert carrier --- Bowenfells
PEACOCK James squatter --- Bowenfells
PEACOCK William drover --- Bowenfells
PERKINS George mailman --- Bowenfells
PERKINS Thomas --- --- Bowenfells
PERKINS William mail contractor --- Bowenfells
PERKINS William Taylor --- --- Bowenfells
POOLEY Charles butcher --- Bowenfells
POWER Henry farmer --- Bowenfells
POWER Morgan farmer --- Bowenfells
POWYER William farmer --- Bowenfells
PRIMMER George farmer --- Bowenfells
QUADLING John miner --- Bowenfells
QUINNEY Arthur dealer --- Bowenfells
QUINNEY George dealer --- Bowenfells
QUINNEY Robert dealer --- Bowenfells
REES Daniel miner --- Bowenfells
RIDDELL Henry miner --- Bowenfells
SELWAY Frederick miner --- Bowenfells
SHEPPERD Andrew storekeeper --- Bowenfells
SHEPPERD George butcher --- Bowenfells
SHEPPERD William storekeeper --- Bowenfells
SIMPSON George teacher --- Bowenfells
SUTHERLAND John farmer --- Bowenfells
SUTHERLAND Thomas farmer --- Bowenfells
SUTHERLAND William farmer --- Bowenfells
SUTTON Thomas labourer --- Bowenfells
SYKES Charles lock-up keeper --- Bowenfells
SWYER Stephen gardener --- Bowenfells
THOMSON Edward farmer --- Bowenfells
THOMSON George carrier --- Bowenfells
TIMMINS Thomas miner --- Bowenfells
WILKINS James fencer --- Bowenfells
WILKINS John fencer Lithgow Valley Bowenfells

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here